Your Old Droog – White Rappers

Your Old Droog never disappoints with his similar¬†Nas flow, and here’s the New York emcee positing the color of your skin has nothing to do with your raps.

I know there’s a ton of peeps that would like to debate this, but I for one can rationalize with the argument that if a rapper spits dope, then that’s that.

Straight up White Rappers or any color for that matter, should never be the basis for hip hop or any culture really.

I’ve always said, hip hop is a beautiful culture and has no limitations bound by sex, creed or color.

Bump the latest YOD below.

Your Old Droog – Your Old Droog LP (First Listen)

720x405-YOD Webster Hall by Seher Sikandar


It’s a fucking great day in hip hop! First J. Cole announced his new album 2014 Forest Hill Drive¬†slated for a December 9th release, and now, Coney Island’s, Your Old Droog just put out his self-titled LP on NPR’s First Listen (the project officially drops on the 25th). And if you haven’t heard already, this dude kills the mic and the album is hella poppin!