Vince Staples – Big Fish

I was up late night ballin!

Diggin Vince’s dope-ass FLOW.

“Big Fish” is off the upcoming June LP, Big Fish Theory, which is shaping up real nice.

And the simplicity and execution of the video is brilliant.

Bump one of my favorite rappers from the new school.

Kendrick Lamar – DAMN

The new Kendrick Lamar is here on Good Friday, and it fuckin BANGS!

Wasn’t dickriding the last To Pimp A Butterfly record, as I couldn’t resonate to the sound or concept – regardless of the creativity or industry pandering.

DAMN however is straight raps, packed with dope beats, and the Kendrick Lamar that goes ham on the microphone.

Bump the new LP, DAMN, and realize greatness in the modern era.

Aaron Cohen – Queen$

Paying homage to 50 Cent – you know when Get Rich or Die Trying dropped, the game was on lock.

White boy made a wave I could ride on. Now Macklemore don’t ask me that, not Mac Miller either, you get smacked for that. More like the kid from Aftermath, but there wasn’t s supposed to be nothing after that. 

Bump Aaron Cohen on his latest, Queen$  below.