Caleborate – Soul

Don’t let em take your soul, got damn. Better fight it and don’t let em make you fold got damn. Break the mold, got damn!

Reppin my hometown, Berkeley РCaleborate drops a dope, lead single for upcoming LP, Real Person.

The raps and mood transcend the soul in today’s hip-hop game!

And Lege Kale boasts a notorious, Soundcloud freshness to this jam.

Milo – Over the carnage rose a voice prophetic

Scallops Hotel aka Milo drops an out of the blue tape!

Been a minute, that we’ve not heard from the Milwaukee wordsmith, and its always a genesis of random ideas, and an improvisation of sound.

Very few in the game, playing this original, eclectic niche ūüėé

Bump the mad fresh MILO LP, over the carnage rose a voice prophetic below.

Jared Evan – Revive Me

Cause you make our stars align in the sky, don’t know why, I could die. And you make me feel like I’m so alive, don’t no why, I could die.

Been on Jared Evan way back, and the music has grown monumentally.

From the raps and pop-culture dabblings in earlier releases, there’s so much soul in the current sound.

Off 2016’s November LP, The Blanket Truth¬†,¬†one of my favorite tracks gets a much deserved visual treatment.

Stream “Revive Me” below, and protect and cherish your love – always.

Mani Coolin – Black Hearts

Los Angeles, Mani Coolin is back with introspective, soul raps.

But Karma’s a bitch if I don’t know anything. Never trust these ho’s that’s what life taught me. So I can’t blame nobody if I ever get caught up. Charge it to the game if it ever get bought up.

Bump the sombre, “Black Hearts” below – and diggin the flowy, Lazybones production.

Oswin Benjamin – Hueman

The issues that we face is bigger than color. Being an artist, being a man, period. I need to be color blind to the “hue.”

Smooth, jazz/soul raps from Brooklyn up-and-comer, Oswin Benjamin.

Uplifting themes of conscientiousness and real life shit.

Bump the debut EP, Hueman from the homie Oswin below.

Jon Wayne – TED Talk

The nonchalant lyricism of Jon Wayne, coupled with raw production talent is underrated in the game.

(A Biggie slash Doom flow to exact, yet completely original in its own).

The Los Angeles emcee releases a much-anticipated, follow up, Rap Album Two.

Cop some real shit, and bump one of the newest singles off the record.

Below is an open letter – detailing Jon’s struggle with alcoholism and his musicianship.