Caleborate – Soul

Don’t let em take your soul, got damn. Better fight it and don’t let em make you fold got damn. Break the mold, got damn!

Reppin my hometown, Berkeley – Caleborate drops a dope, lead single for upcoming LP, Real Person.

The raps and mood transcend the soul in today’s hip-hop game!

And Lege Kale boasts a notorious, Soundcloud freshness to this jam.

Milo – Over the carnage rose a voice prophetic

Scallops Hotel aka Milo drops an out of the blue tape!

Been a minute, that we’ve not heard from the Milwaukee wordsmith, and its always a genesis of random ideas, and an improvisation of sound.

Very few in the game, playing this original, eclectic niche 😎

Bump the mad fresh MILO LP, over the carnage rose a voice prophetic below.

Vince Staples – Big Fish Theory

Highly anticipated LP from Long Beach, California, Sprite-junkie, Vince Staples is here, and it straight BANGS!

The sound is such a trip, and love the open, creative flow – rhyming circles and squares on them dope beats.

Bump Big Fish Theory below – a quintessential rap album in 2017.