Phora – To The Moon

A contrarian; consistently uplifting love and relationships in the rap game, Phora is the perfect antidote to the hedonism, fake-shit, and instant-gratification, which is mainstream hip-hop and popular culture nowadays.

She said she never been in love,
All she ever did was give her love,
Eveyone they only take her love,
So you scared of love,
I don’t blame you love.

Never waver in loving yer special someone “To The Moon.”

Bump the new Phora below, and stay tuned for the upcoming LP, Yours Truly Forever, coming in August.


Pick up your receiver, I’ll make you a believer.

Nowadays, an M.I.A. joint drops ever so often, since her retirement from the game in 2016 with AIM.

That said, here’s a sole release besides the February single P.O.W.A. and its groovy!

Bump the SUPA-FRESH ¬†“Goals” below.

Machine Gun Kelly – Kiss The Sky

Something tells me MGK saves his best for intimate, casual settings, such as this.

Love the message and performance of “Kiss The Sky” from last month’s LP, Bloom.

And it’s dope to see a personal, relatable side to the flamboyant, rebel –¬†Machine Gun Kelly.

Jared Evan – Revive Me

Cause you make our stars align in the sky, don’t know why, I could die. And you make me feel like I’m so alive, don’t no why, I could die.

Been on Jared Evan way back, and the music has grown monumentally.

From the raps and pop-culture dabblings in earlier releases, there’s so much soul in the current sound.

Off 2016’s November LP, The Blanket Truth¬†,¬†one of my favorite tracks gets a much deserved visual treatment.

Stream “Revive Me” below, and protect and cherish your love – always.

KONCEPT – Hug Someone

We all just need a hug somedays. I still miss everyone I couldn’t hug today. But i know the song isn’t long enough to say. So let’s just focus on the things that bring us up today.

Presently in Seoul, Korea РKoncept  drops  a new video for the lead single off 14 Hours Ahead.

Diggin the EASY/FUZZY vibes!

Bump the new KONCEPT ¬†below, and ¬†“Hug Someone” in the meantime ūüėŹ