Chris Brown – Welcome To My Life

What doesn’t kill you, makes you want it more. This is your life!

Been a minute, since I’ve featured Chris Brown on here, but you know he drops bangers!

The beat is fucking DOPE, and Cal Scruby is ok.

Bump “Welcome To My Life” at the shindig later, and always persevere for your dreams  🙏🏼



Jared Evan – Revive Me

Cause you make our stars align in the sky, don’t know why, I could die. And you make me feel like I’m so alive, don’t no why, I could die.

Been on Jared Evan way back, and the music has grown monumentally.

From the raps and pop-culture dabblings in earlier releases, there’s so much soul in the current sound.

Off 2016’s November LP, The Blanket Truth one of my favorite tracks gets a much deserved visual treatment.

Stream “Revive Me” below, and protect and cherish your love – always.

P.O.S. – Infatuation With A Ghost

Minneapolis, punk-rap fusion artist, Stef Alexander aka P.O.S. celebrates the 10 year anniversary of his Rhymesayers release, Audition, with a special, groovy tune.

“Infatuation With A Ghost” is mixed beautifully, and totally visualizing moving to this jam on the DANCE floor 😎


Watsky – Talking To Myself

Slam poetry phenom/rapper, Watsky drops a third single, Talking To Myself.

Off the upcoming album, x Infinity which is out next month, the accompanying visuals to this release is mad creative and introspective.

And Watsky rarely disappoints on the raps and flow.

Check out the video below, and will keep y’all posted with the album drop.


Stalley – Cut A Rug Ft. Big K.R.I.T. & STS

Off that new Stalley mixtape, Saving Yusufwhich dropped last week; and gonna be straight up, I’m here for the Southern lyricist, Big K.R.I.T.

This may as well have been a Krizzle joint – sounds right up his alley, with the soulful production, and the romantic, mood-setting verse and chorus to boot.

Play Cut A Rug below, and go ahead and dance with your special someone.