SonReal – Problems

“The line: ‘I would wake up on my homie’s sofa/ weight on all my shoulders,’ is the most memorable one, according to my fans. It’s real. I quit my job and slept on my friends’ couch for 4 months to record an EP.” There was no plan B, it was just music. We couldn’t fit a whole sofa onto the back of a truck so we used a Laz-Y-Boy instead. The rest of the video included B-roll scenes from tour, from Nebraska from Halifax.”

Vancouver’s, SonReal is here with an uplifting message from the upcoming August LP, One Long Dream.

Bump “Problems” below.

Milo – Over the carnage rose a voice prophetic

Scallops Hotel aka Milo drops an out of the blue tape!

Been a minute, that we’ve not heard from the Milwaukee wordsmith, and its always a genesis of random ideas, and an improvisation of sound.

Very few in the game, playing this original, eclectic niche 😎

Bump the mad fresh MILO LP, over the carnage rose a voice prophetic below.

Vince Staples – Big Fish Theory

Highly anticipated LP from Long Beach, California, Sprite-junkie, Vince Staples is here, and it straight BANGS!

The sound is such a trip, and love the open, creative flow – rhyming circles and squares on them dope beats.

Bump Big Fish Theory below – a quintessential rap album in 2017.

Phora – To The Moon

A contrarian; consistently uplifting love and relationships in the rap game, Phora is the perfect antidote to the hedonism, fake-shit, and instant-gratification, which is mainstream hip-hop and popular culture nowadays.

She said she never been in love,
All she ever did was give her love,
Eveyone they only take her love,
So you scared of love,
I don’t blame you love.

Never waver in loving yer special someone “To The Moon.”

Bump the new Phora below, and stay tuned for the upcoming LP, Yours Truly Forever, coming in August.

Chris Brown – Welcome To My Life

What doesn’t kill you, makes you want it more. This is your life!

Been a minute, since I’ve featured Chris Brown on here, but you know he drops bangers!

The beat is fucking DOPE, and Cal Scruby is ok.

Bump “Welcome To My Life” at the shindig later, and always persevere for your dreams  🙏🏼