Caleborate – Soul

Don’t let em take your soul, got damn. Better fight it and don’t let em make you fold got damn. Break the mold, got damn!

Reppin my hometown, Berkeley – Caleborate drops a dope, lead single for upcoming LP, Real Person.

The raps and mood transcend the soul in today’s hip-hop game!

And Lege Kale boasts a notorious, Soundcloud freshness to this jam.

Chris Brown – Welcome To My Life

What doesn’t kill you, makes you want it more. This is your life!

Been a minute, since I’ve featured Chris Brown on here, but you know he drops bangers!

The beat is fucking DOPE, and Cal Scruby is ok.

Bump “Welcome To My Life” at the shindig later, and always persevere for your dreams  🙏🏼




Pick up your receiver, I’ll make you a believer.

Nowadays, an M.I.A. joint drops ever so often, since her retirement from the game in 2016 with AIM.

That said, here’s a sole release besides the February single P.O.W.A. and its groovy!

Bump the SUPA-FRESH  “Goals” below.

SonReal – So Far

Canadian rap is aptly represented by SonReal – although in the interim, dude was spittin fruity stuff [yikes].

Without passing judgement, love the hip-hop angle more than the other ish!

Bump the latest “So Far” below, and will try keep a closer ear for rap outside America.

Gorillaz – Let Me Out Ft. Pusha T

Always a pleasure to hear cross-genre works; especially, a massively underrated, alternative/experimental rock group such as Gorillaz, and the sounds they’re concocting via Humanz. [The record drops on the 28th].

On their latest single, you got Pusha T doing his thing on the raps.

With Mavis Staples lending beautiful acoustics, and building on a sick Gorillaz production.

Be sure to bump “Let Me Out” at your weekend shindig ☝🏽


Brother Ali – Own Light

Healthy hearts house the light that animates all that we are, and everything we do. The light in our hearts is what allows us to hear, heal, and be whole. No matter how they repackage their dreary fearfulness, they’ll never plant that flag over there. I’m using my heart for, what hearts are for.

You know its gonna be dope, when Brother Ali comes out.

Another single from the upcoming LP, All The Beauty in This life – produced by Ant (Atmosphere).

Bump “Own Light” below, and remember the goodness inside you and all around.

Machine Gun Kelly – At My Best

This song’s for anybody, who feels like I did, never the cool kid. This song’s for anybody, who fucked their way through, always remained true. This song’s for anybody, the ones who tryin to get it, the ones who dream it and live it.

Kels’ steady droppin HITS, and I can’t knock him making the raps more accessible.

To be frank, don’t care for Hailee Steinfeld’s boisterous hook, as they could’ve gone with a soulful vibe rather.

Nevertheless, the joint’s dope, and don’t be surprised to catch this on your airwaves soon.

Bump the new Machine Gun Kelly below.

Mani Coolin – Black Hearts

Los Angeles, Mani Coolin is back with introspective, soul raps.

But Karma’s a bitch if I don’t know anything. Never trust these ho’s that’s what life taught me. So I can’t blame nobody if I ever get caught up. Charge it to the game if it ever get bought up.

Bump the sombre, “Black Hearts” below – and diggin the flowy, Lazybones production.

Brother Ali – Pen To Paper

One of the illest outta Rhymesayers, Brother Ali, drops first solo track since 2012 LP – Mourning in America and Dreaming in Color.

The best videos are the most simple.

Case in point, as the BARS hang mad tough and real in “Pen To Paper” below; documenting the come-up and trials of Brother Ali.

Stay tuned for the album release 😎