Locksmith – Home

Watch a live set from one of the realest tracks off the Olive Branch LP.

Real hip-hop shit coming right through your speakers!

Locksmith’s last verse is mad lyrical and deep:

We all have issues in life regardless of our distinctions. I know my biggest hurdle was easily overthinking. Its like paying admission to take a trip on a cruise, but you can’t enjoy the view cause you constantly scared of sinking.  You blink then its finished with. How come we always downplay our strengths and embellish all of our blemishes. We mimic what we see as wealth, expending our energy still pretending when its easier to be yourself. I feel the shift when I shit that out of my own, when you understand your worth, then its like you’re traveling home. The people that you meet and the new places you venture, can only make sense if you sense them before you’ve entered. And they say its silly what I’m chasing, they’d rather save face than brace being complacent. I did my best to try to brace them and break the walls before it breaks them.

Bump the new Locksmith video below.



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