Tha Soloist – Panda Enemy and the Death of Mumble Rap

One of the illest Underground rappers, Tha Soloist stays loyal to the old school focus on lyricism, and the album sounds like a Wu-Tang record stylistically.

Pain meets paradise, ingrained in your alibis. Discreet words, the absurd heard rappers lie. Whatever happened to the verse  that was concise.  Whatever happened to the verse that was dealt tighter.  Whatever happened to the verse  that was much like that boom-bap era  from the golden days never. Seen so many wack motherfuckers on the radio. They pay for play before it was enforced hate. I guess that’s the way it is, they tell me to be quiet. They tell me you just envious and don’t deny it. Call it what you want, but I remember it. The music had soul, now the soul’s irrelevant.  But Tha Soloist was put here to kill a panda; never made a million I just wanna be the deepest rapper.  The keeper of the lost groves – seek the truth so I can find it for these lost souls.

The above is a verse from the track – “Lost Soul.”

Bump the esoteric, snarky, boom bap LP, Panda Enemy and the Death of Mumble Rap, and for reals, fuck the Migos, Future wave of dumbed down rap, where all these cats, sound more or less the same, and have no originality or substance  whatsoever. [go to 45:35 to see what I’m sayin.]



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