Top 5 EP/Mixtapes of 2016

Now that we’ve crossed over into 2016, let’s peruse the dopest EP/Mixtapes from the past year.

[Note: Complete tapes can be listened to at anytime by accessing the red hyperlinks.]


Number 5:  Showoff, smack-dab raps from Def Jam’s – Logic.

Presenting, Bobby Tarantino  for your listening pleasure.

The track “44 Bars” is straight bars on bars on bars!


Number 4:  NoName’s, Telefone EP is a breath of fresh air and simply AMAZING.

Exuberant with life, love, and undeniable musicianship; she could use the spotlight.


Number 3:  RocNation signee, Rapsody is hands down my favorite female emcee in the game, and y’all know this by now.

Her latest Crown EP BANGS, and the raps make your favorite rappers loopy 🙂


Number 2:  Lucy Camp – a 19 year old, San Jose, Bay Area girl dropped one of the sickest tapes in 2016 – Down Talk EP.

You gotta check that FLOW, and recognize her lyrical-slash-creative prowess.

She’s deviant, FRESH, and gunning for that top-spot.


Finally, OnCue’s signature-slick, yet personable flow edges every other project in 2016 to take  Number 1.

Dunno how many times I’ve bumped this record, and how much it SOOTHES me 😎

The kick-back, intimacy perfected by OnCue in his latest EP, You Knew All Along   is brilliant.

Let me know your top 5.


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