Common – Pyramids

Around the world in a day, find forever and I stay.
I’m from the weather where they spray,
There’s gotta be a better way, people dying everyday.
Wonder what would heaven say? Devils need to get away.
From Chevrolet to Escalade, from evergreen to the everglades,
I kneel where the rebels pray.
Seen fifty gray, but they need better shades.
Niggas rhymin’ like their whole style in retrograde,
The escapade I’m on is like when the sun, moon and stars was born,
It’s hard to explain how these pyramids formed.

Common’s upcoming LP, Black America Again, drops in three days, and you gotta soak in the soul raps and let em’ breathe 😎

The Chi-Town veteran boasts a FRESH sound, from the beat selections to the message and the chilling flows.

Pyramids” has to be one of my favorite jams from the album, alongside the title track, “Black America Again.”

Mark my words – this album’s putting Common back on the map, and it’s amazing to witness a legend bless the mic in such a trying, ridiculous political season.

Here’s the latest, reinvigorated Common for your listening pleasure.


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