Mac Lethal – Congratulations

Reppin Kansas City, Missouri, Mac Lethal’s album is on YouTube 🙂

The album dropped last week, but stoked to finally share it with y’all good folks.

Essential themes of life, relationships, vices, work, love, and society are relatable and necessary in the rap-game!

The universe is expanding,
I don’t give a fuck I’m drinking all day,
all the dreams I have are in color,
even though my memories are all grey.
Man the whole damn world is burning,
but you’d never know because you’re too busy,
staring at your phone,
only way that I can feel happiness is when,
I’m by myself standing here alone.
Just me till the casket drops.

[Chorus from one of my favorite tracks off the project – “Til the Casket Drops”]

Bump the dope-ass Mac Lethal LP, “Congratulations” below.



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