Audio Push – Praise You

You don’t like clubs, I think that’s perfect. But chivalry died when girls named it thirsty. And I’m still finding myself opening doors and giving flowers and making sure you walk in first. And when I sit back and break pineapple express open, they look for love with their eyes closed and their legs open. These other girls always single with the summer; just young and having fun, I don’t judge em, but you know. One lucky woman is gone get the opportunity to come and get a wedding ring from me. Then it hit me just sitting next to you, doing absolutely nothing means absolutely everything to me. So I had to make a song for when you’re alone, and when I’m not on the phone, you can play this and never cry. I guess I did it, I finally get it when they say if a writer falls in love with you then you can never die; and this will outlive me.

That last verse is beautiful prose from SoCal rap duo, Audio Push – as they release another single off their debut LP, 90951.

[A combination zip within the Inland Empire – precisely Riverside and San Bernardino counties]

The album drops on the 23rd, and excited to see the music unfold 🙂

Until then, bump the upbeat, soul infused “Praise You” from Oktane and Price below.


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