Jay IDK – Empty Bank

Been bangin a lot of music from the weekend, and nothing was biting!

Then, I stumbled on Jay IDK’s hip yet conscious LP, which flips the elusive and all-encompassing “money factor” in the rap-game on its head.

It’s almost blasphemous to think of what he’s done, especially when mainstream RAP culture is so inundated with the fucking MULA.

The DMV rapper on Forbes had this to say,

When I started doing music and my last project started to move, I started to do a lot more shows and I started to get a lot more offers for things. I realized how easy it was to make money. So when I started to see money come in, I realized that I was spending money on things I shouldn’t. People were beginning to look at me like I had more money than I actually had, and I even played into that sometimes. I always like to vent and tell the truth in my music. That’s why this happened. I was like, “This is what I’m going through, and people need to know.” – Rapper Jay IDK Gets Real About Money On ‘Empty Bank’

Pleasantly surprised with the message and integrity on this dope, cohesive work from Jay IDK.

Bump the LP, “Empty Bank” below, and get real with your money 🤑


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