Ezzy – Goodbye

Cleveland young’un, Ezzy, from the Neal Terrace Housing projects of 87th and Detroit Ave. steals my heart with his candid raps, every time I bump this jam.

Featured soundtrack for Steven Caple Jr’s“The Land,” the indie-film director has a few words,

“Goodbye is a love letter to the neighborhood and the struggle. It has the classic hip hop vibe with fresh lyrics. Ezzy wrote the perfect song for the film, we wanted that feel-good energy that lifts people’s spirits. So to be able to direct the video and collaborate with Ezzy and Rafi, who produced the track in a closet of a hotel, was special. As we share it with the world it becomes an open love letter.”

19-year-old Ezzy boasts massive potential as an artist, and its a pleasure in delivering an audience his message so rightly deserves.

Stream the FRESH, capturing visuals for “Goodbye” below.


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