Locksmith, CyHi The Prynce – Cypher

Y’all know Team Backpack drops the illest CYPHERS.

Bay Area lyricist and one of the dopest emcees out, Locksmith, blesses our collective intelligence.

Think about the shit that you bump in your whip, and the dudes that you chose to anoint here,

Yeah, maybe its killing your soul, maybe its sucking your veins, maybe we’ll never be free – maybe your happy in chains.

It’s obvious, but let me re-iterate Lock’s motivation to forward and preserve hip-hop’s culture for what it truly stands for – social justice, change, and a platform for artists to speak, act, dress their mind in a politically correct world.

Cyhi was tight as well – with dat random, SWAG, rhyme schemes 😎

Bump the freestyle cypher below; and I’m just coming out of attending the World Domination Summit in Portland, with an affirmation to fostering a thriving, engaging, and conscientious community.

This is our community (a safe/open/creative space), and we’re blessed to have each other.

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