Atmosphere – Fishing Blues

In a world with so many options, online music services are a plenty – yet, there’s one that always keeps it 100 for dope music and is loyal to their community.

That’s Pandora, and I’ve been a loyal subscriber (premium plan for around $50 bucks a year) for many years now.

Every once in a while, we’re treated with a Premiere listening from a legit artist, and in today’s case – the critically anticipated Atmosphere LP, Fishing Blues can be streamed a week earlier than its official release date.

I’ve bumped the album back to back, and I’m truly pleased with Ant’s underrated production genius; and not to mention, Slug ain’t messing around with his raps either.

Bump the entire album via Pandora.

[Favorite Tracks – Won’t Look Back, The S**t We’ve Been Through]

Plus, check out the video for their timely single, Pure Evil below.

Happy Friday  🙂




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