Termanology – We’re Both Wrong Ft. Saigon

Let me preface today’s post by stating that recent developments on the Alton Sterling case is best articulated by Jelani Cobb for The New Yorker.

That said, Massachusetts spitter, Termanology doesn’t hold back on the real talk, and it’s crucial we focus our debate on excessive police force and brutality on minorities – particularly, African-Americans, and how our law enforcement (and that’s referring to the beat cop, the District Attorney’s office, and the highly bureaucratic and powerful setup of Police Unions) should do more to protect and serve our communities as sworn by oath, and less to harass and kill civilians over petty crime.

Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Sandra Bland, and now Alton Sterling – shit has hit the fan, and we the people, demand justice and reform in our law enforcement.

Moreover, when entertaining criticisms against #BlackLivesMatter (even though some of their advocates like Marissa Johnson and Quay Manuel are pure idiots and hurt the movement), and hearing counter arguments, such as #AllLivesMatter, it’s ironic that folks have missed the point altogether.

Larry Wilmore in The Nightly Show addresses this irrationality.

Personally, I’ve been a victim of police harassment at multiple occasions, and it’s crazy how they can make you miserable and even take your life over a freaking traffic stop!

Bump the politically charged and perfectly timed, We’re Both Wrong by Termanology below, and my deepest condolences to Alton Sterling’s family.




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