Elzhi – ALIENated Ft. Smitty

Elzhi just space-dunked on the game with this one, given the deep lyricism and story-teller flow on ALIENated, as he takes his listeners on his apparent monachopsis.

Seriously, where can you witness such creative imaginings that can be rendered and concocted into dope BARS.

Truly few emcees on this level in the present day – Locksmith, Mick JenkinsSoul Khan, and Lupe Fiasco IMO.

And as a writer myself, I’m struck with his last verse and the brilliant space scheme,

Well fuck it then, I’ll leave the planet. I’ll hijack a rocket and probably won’t even land it, until I’m light years away from moving fast-paced to a speedier power. After stopping I’m tryna hop in a meteor shower. Get dressed but there won’t be no time to unwind, I’ll be busy either moonwalking or walking on sunshine. While my chain hang over me dips down to the sun so when it swing it’s like a solar eclipse.

Which makes me start writin bars, lighting cigars off planet Mars, flickin ashes you would call fallen stars, all year round, June in June, I wanna say I sat on Saturn, murked Mercury, and mooned the moon.

All those Nas comparisons are smack on-point, when you listen to Elzhi’s mad-chill flow and lyrical discipline.

Bump ALIENated below, and I’m sure it’s gonna brighten your weekend 🙂


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