Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Kevin Ft. Leon Bridges

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis are releasing their upcoming album, The Unruly Mess I’ve Made in 3 days, and here’s the latest visuals to move things along.

Overprescription of drugs in America is a monumental issue which remains unaddressed, while pharmaceutical companies keep pushing drugs for ridiculous profit-margins, more and more kids are becoming pill junkies.

Respect to Macklemore, and producer, Ryan Lewis, for taking on this fight with Kevin, and here’s a scathing line,

First dealer was his mom’s medicine cabinet. Got anxiety, better go and give him a Xanax, Focus give him Aderall, Sleep, give him Ambien, Till he’s walkin round the city lookin like a mannequin. 

Macklemore’s commercial success from 2012, Heist, was shallow and uninspiring for listeners, but he’s diverting his focus towards more substantial raps, with the previous, beautiful release of Sloane – dedicated to his baby girl; and now, Kevin, another step in the movement towards reclaiming our healthcare system, and fighting the trillion dollar pharmaceutical industry.

Finally, gotta say kudos to Leon Bridges, and his big, intimate vocals, alongside a clean, funk-fueled Ryan Lewis production.

Stream the politically charged, Kevin, below.



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