Phora – Open Letter

In the aftermath of Angels With Broken Wings, Phora’s lyrically dope LP from 2015, we’re presented with an epic visual for his latest release.

Let me not spill the beans, but the audacity of this video lends hope for America, and it’s extremely bitter and polarized 2016 Presidential race.

Here’s what Phora had to add,

The message in this song is clear : the people are not to be fucked with. Although this video is clearly fictional, and no harm is intended on any political figure or person, some things need to be said out loud, and lately things have been too quiet. Some people are scared to speak out because they fear what other people will say, or they fear the consequences, but the ones who stand up and speak out are the ones who truly can make history and change things around.

Stream Phora’s, Open Letter below.

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