Album of The Year [2015]

Having let y’all know my favorite mixtape of 2015, it’s now time to focus on the big one!

I’m super-excited to write this post, as there’s been a lotta really, dope, LP’s out from a plethora of artist’s, ranging from Logic’s, The Incredible True Story, Lupe Fiasco’s, Tetsuo & Youth, J Given’s, Fly Exam, Oddisee’s, The Good Fight, Locksmith’s, Lofty Goals, Phora’s, Angels With Broken Wings, Add-2’s, Prey For The Poor, Tha Soloist’s, Daily Allowance, Milo’s, So The Flies Don’t Come, Awon & Phoniks, Knowledge of Self, and the list goes on …

I would love to talk about all these great records above, but in the interest of your time, I’d encourage you to visit the hyperlinks, where the albums are covered in-depth.

Well, with that being said, my favorite LP of the year is hands down, Alabama, Slumerican, Yelawolf’s, most beautiful record to date, Love Story, and you can read my in-depth review here.

Stream Love Story below, and I’d absolutely love to hear what records you enjoyed most from 2015!


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