Logic – The Incredible True Story [Album]

Logic’s sophomore album with Def Jam, The Incredible True Story, has arrived, and allow me to break it down for y’all.

First off, Lord Willin’ is hands down my favorite track from the LP, and it’s stacked with that smooth, unrelenting Logic flow that we’re accustomed to; and obviously complemented with sick BARS.

Meanwhile, the production is barebones really, with the drums and keyboards doing most, if not all the work, and yet it sounds fuckin DOPE!

The other stand-out track on this record is City of Stars, featuring a Kanye-esque production, akin to 808’s & Heartbreak, and social media concurs.

And with a dope musical set-up in the bigger half of the track, Logic ultimately graces his presence with hard-raps; and I’m diggin the juxtaposition of sounds.

Other notable tracks include, Upgrade and Never Been, with more raps,  and the prior released, Young Jesus, featuring Big Lenbo and that 90’s flavor.

And for those still unconvinced with Logic’s lyricism, I’m compelled to point out, Run It, and how the dude straight murks the looping production.

The album is tough, and I’m impressed with the overall raps and production, but it’s not without flaws. The filler or so-called, Scenes – White People, The Cube, Babel and Lucidity were quite unnecessary, and actually distracting from the listening experience.

And even though, The Incredible True Story, according to Logic is a victory album, I was hoping for a deeper listening experience. Having said that, the album measures up to last year’s, Under Pressure, but I wouldn’t say it’s better, or much worse either.

Finally, you can listen to Logic’s interview with Ali Shaheed Muhammad and Frannie Kelley for NPR Microphone Check. And stream the album below on Spotify and cop this on

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