Yelawolf – To Whom It May Concern

I guess Catfish Billy really needed to get things off his chest, (racism-spite, libel, and misinterpretation of his values and rap-persona).

And DAMN, Yela hasn’t spit this hard since his April album, Love Story.

This release is personal and unrelenting, and Yela starts, “I guess I haven’t said enough, or maybe I’ve said too much, I don’t know. But I don’t wanna leave any stone unturned, or no questions about who I am, or what I represent. So here you go.”

Additionally, the production’s fucking SWEET, and perfectly suited for the menacing, SLUMERICAN, concisely-crafted flows from the Alabama rapper; and not to mention, the BARS, where Yela doesn’t hold back at all – pouring his heart into the music.

Shit is hella DOPE, and my respect for Yelawolf as an artist has only deepened.


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