Mick Jenkins – Wave[s] Mixtape

Chi-Town’s mad-underrated, Mick Jenkins, officially drops Wave[s], his follow up to last year’s dope mixtape, The Waters. In fact, it’s my favorite mixtape from 2014.

The overall project is a solid effort, with Mick obviously trying to do everything to not box himself into any particular hip-hop sound, while continuing where he left off on the last tape.

Additionally, I like the increased focus on instrumentation, production, and creativity of sound and direction; and yet, at the end of the day, the writing is toned down (to be more approachable to the mainstream I’m guessing). But that’s why I bump Mick Jenkins – cause he drops really raw, intellectual bars off his emphatic baritone delivery, and doesn’t acquiesce to popular trends in hip-hop.

[Favorite Tracks – P’s & Q’s, Alchemy, 40 Below, and The Giver]

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