Yelawolf – Love Story [ALBUM]

One of the most anticipated hip-hop projects this year, Love Story, from Yelawolf dropped midnight, and that’s all I’ve been bumpin since. Y’all know I prefer to stay away from long reviews, unless an album strikes out to me; and well, I’m mostly enthralled, with one particular reservation however.

Really wish Yela had other features on the album besides the sole Eminem assisted Best Friend  (which was dope by the way). Thereby, Love Story, would have been a richer experience for the listener, but this is not to take anything away from Yela wanting to drop a very specific album, as per his vision and musicianship.

The Good – Creative exploration/experimentation with a blend of genres such as Country, Rock n roll, and bits of EDM, especially with the featured title track Love Story (one of my favorites off the record), showcasing the range and versatility of the overall project. And the biggest plus of em all, Yela’s originality and vulnerability to make music that resonates with who he is as an artist in the present, regardless of the strict codes in Hip-Hop that emcees are subject to, and more so, if they’re a white rapper IMO.

[Sidenote – All over the internet, critics and fans alike bash Yela’s previous major label debut Radioactive, but methinks it was a solid album in its own right – just with a different approach to the game].

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