US asylum laws - here's what to know

Kim Kyung-Hoon  Reuters

Kim Kyung-Hoon Reuters

Celebrities are slamming President Trump after U.S. Border Patrol authorities used tear gas on Sunday to repel a crowd of caravan migrants who rushed toward the border.

President Trump said he would not hesitate to close the border altogether if he feels the USA might be losing "control".

"We ran, but the smoke [from the gas] always reached us and my daughter was choking", said Lurbin Sarmiento, 26, from Honduras, who was near the border with her four-year-old daughter, according to the Associated Press (AP). In total, more than 5,000 immigrants have been staying inside and nearby a sport complex in Tijuana, hoping to be allowed to enter the U.S.

Mexico after being hit by tear gas by U.S. Customs and Border Protection after attempting to illegally cross the border wall into the United States in Tijuana Mexico Nov.25 2018
Adrees Latif Reuters

Ted Cruz (R) for his seat in this month's midterm election, issued his rebuke the same day migrants were seen being tear-gassed by US agents in Tijuana near a port of entry.

President Donald Trump on Monday accused "many" of the migrants approaching the border of being "stone cold criminals" and threatened to "close the Border permanently if need be".

"Riot control agents are meant to temporarily incapacitate a person by causing irritation to the eyes, mouth, throat, lungs, and skin", the group said on its website.

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Baja California state Gov. Francisco Vega said nearly 9,000 migrants were in his state - mostly in Tijuana, with a smaller number in Mexicali - and called it "an issue of national security".

Or that Mexico's Interior Ministry said around 500 migrants tried to "violently" enter the USA, the Associated Press reported, adding that it would immediately deport those people and would reinforce security.

The Border Patrol agents provided initial medical assistance and contacted the San Diego Fire Department for EMS services. U.S. Border Patrol contacted paramedics and took her to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. Vega issued a public appeal to Mexico's federal government to take over responsibility for sheltering the migrants and deport any who break the law. With a backlog of cases that number into the thousands, many migrants appear set to linger along the border for months, if not longer. "Congress, fund the WALL!" he said in a statement on November 26.

Trump's ban on giving asylum to illegal migrants temporarily blocked by judge
A federal judge has barred the Trump administration from refusing asylum to immigrants who cross the southern border illegally. District Court in San Francisco issued a temporary nationwide restraining order barring enforcement of the policy.

USA border police then fired rubber bullets and tear gas into the crowd of men, women and children. During his presidential election campaign, Trump promised he would have Mexico pay for the wall. They only retreated when authorities deployed tear gas, which is said to have been felt almost a mile away.

He also put pressure on the Mexican government and the country's new president, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who takes office on December 1, to implement measures to send the asylum-seeking migrants back to their Central American countries. It said that 1,906 of those who have returned were members of the recent caravans.

Mexico's National Migration Institute said that 98 migrants were being deported after the attempted breach.

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