Senator Toomey Statement on Proposed US, Mexico, Canada Trade Agreement

Trump and Trudeau agree on a revised NAFTA deal

Trump and Trudeau agree on a revised NAFTA deal

Canada is linked again with the USA and Mexico in a revamped North American free trade deal after weeks of negotiations.

A tongue-in-cheek tweeter suggested there could be confusion with the United States Minority Contractors Association or the United States Motorcycle Coaching Association.

He soon found himself in Ottawa, a critical part of a full-court press to get an agreement done before the Sunday midnight deadline imposed by the U.S. Congress to get the deal fast-tracked and voted on by December 1, ahead of a new incoming Mexican government.

"Having Canada as a trading partner and a party to this agreement is critical for North American energy security and US consumers".

Trump, who most recently slapped tariffs on $200 billion in Chinese goods, has said the tariffs are created to protect USA interests from Chinese actions, such as the theft of American intellectual property-which is estimated to cost the US economy $180 million to $540 billion annually, according to 2017 estimates by the IP Commission of the National Bureau of Asian Research, an independent research organization.

Canada's ambassador to Washington, David MacNaughton, also said Sunday evening that the two countries had made a lot of progress, but there was no deal yet as there were a couple of tough issues left to resolve. It was unclear, however, whether Trump had authority from Congress to pursue a revamped NAFTA with only Mexico, and some lawmakers said they wouldn't go along with a deal that left out Canada.

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Will said IN will also have advantages IN industry because the deal bans other countries from giving money to industries so they can compete against America.

Canada's ambassador to Washington says the USA and Canada have made a lot of progress in free trade talks but there is no deal.

Mexico has already slapped tariffs on USA pork, bourbon, motor boats and other products.

"Passage of the USMCA would reduce key trade-related risks, but ongoing tensions with China remain and now loom significantly larger for the U.S. economy than those with Mexico and Canada", Fitch said. Congress then has to approve the deal, which is likely to be up for a vote next year.

"We've been treated so unfairly by so many nations all over the world and we're changing that".

Mexican officials have said they hope the steel and aluminum dispute can be resolved before USMCA is signed. That's 12% more than what was required under NAFTA.

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The labor provisions in the new agreement - including some to bolster workers' organizing rights in Mexico - "are more progressive than ever negotiated by anybody else", Lighthizer said.

He said Canada is also aiming to remove interprovincial trade for "frustrated" Canadians as it works with all provinces including two new governments - in Quebec and New Brunswick.

Unlike the NAFTA and the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the USMCA imposes stronger rules of origin for vehicles and automotive parts.

The concessions are in theory a problem for Trudeau, whose ruling Liberals say they need to pick up seats in Quebec in an election set for October 2019 if he is to retain power.

"I think we should deal with that", Wildeboer said, before proposing a solution from the Canadian side.

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