New US-bound group of migrants sets off from El Salvador

Pentagon to send 'several hundred' troops to US-Mexico border, says official

Pentagon to send 'several hundred' troops to US-Mexico border, says official

Mexican authorities reiterated on Sunday that Honduran migrants would be allowed to enter as refugees. Many members of the caravan have been travelling for more than two weeks, since a group first formed in San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

The AP reported that Mexican government agencies have assisted the group at times, offering water and giving rides to some individuals who had fallen behind the group. He says several people received medical treatment for exposure to tear gas fired by police. Rojas transported the group to their destination after spotting them on a highway trudging through temperatures approaching 40°C (104°F).

Earlier this year, officials form the Department of Homeland Security, including Mr. McAleenan and Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, publicly encouraged would-be asylum seekers to ask for refuge at ports of entry, saying that was the only legal way to apply for asylum at the USA border.

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto launched a program on Friday dubbed "You are home", which promises shelter, medical attention, schooling and jobs to Central Americans who agree to stay in the southern Mexico states of Chiapas or Oaxaca, far from the US border.

"If something happens to you, someone will help you", said Jessica Yamileth Zabaleta Guzman, 24, who is traveling with her partner and their 1-year-old son.

Guatemalan volunteer firefighters said they tried to treat the man Sunday but the injury apparently from a rubber bullet was too severe. She had heard that job opportunities were scarce in southern Mexico.

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"If I send them to the store, I'm going to worry if they don't come back soon", she said. Some fear they will be deported if they take advantage of the program.

Mexican officials appear to be taking a discordant approach to the group by greeting travelers with a mixture of hospitality and hostility.

Several mayors have rolled out the welcome mat for migrants who reached their towns - arranging for food and camp sites.

What doesn't seem to be in dispute is that at least some of the migrants in this group were carrying rocks and bottles to throw at the police.

While migrants from El Salvador have yet to overcome 120 km to the border with Guatemala and 300 km to get to the borders of Mexico. The group was walking in broad daylight, far from the main caravan.

US senators are urging the Trump administration to make an agreement with Mexico that would stop some of the 7,000 people traveling north from crossing the border.

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What migrants in the caravan understand is that, as members of a family unit from Central America, if they set foot in the United States, they have a good chance of staying (hundreds of migrants from a 1,500-strong caravan earlier this year reportedly made it into the United States).

The group has received some assistance from Mexican federal agencies, the AP reported, but has pledged it will push forward in its journey toward the southern USA border.

This year's caravans have earned the ire of Trump.

A Pentagon spokesman called any figures about troop deployments "premature".

Stoking fears about the caravan and illegal immigration to rally his Republican base, Trump insinuated that gang members and "Middle Easterners" are mixed in with the group, though he later acknowledged there was no proof of that.

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