Federal Bureau of Investigation talks with school friend of U.S. Supreme Court nominee Kavanaugh

This prosecutor will question Christine Blasey Ford

This prosecutor will question Christine Blasey Ford

President Donald Trump suggested Monday some of the Democrats questioning Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh had their own private behavioral issues, saying they were "not angels" and specifically calling out one he had seen in "very bad situations".

Nine of 10 Democrats on the Judiciary Committee wrote on Monday to FBI Director Christopher Wray and White House Counsel Don McGahn, listing 24 people they said should be interviewed by the FBI and urging that the investigation assess all three allegations of sexual misconduct.

"I would re-nominate him and I would take this case to the American people and I'd ask voters in IN, in Missouri, in North Dakota and other places where Trump won - saying who he would nominate if he got to be president - and see if the voters want to appeal the verdict of their senator". "Whatever that means, according to the senators and the Republicans and the Republican majority, I want them to do that", he said. In response to a statement from Kavanaugh in which he insisted that he was focused on sports and academics in school and never drank to excess, Liz Swisher, another former classmate at Yale who now works as a doctor in Seattle, said that his statements were "not credible".

Smyth's lawyer told NBC News Monday he "truthfully answered every question the Federal Bureau of Investigation asked him and, consistent with the information he previously provided to the Senate Judiciary Committee, he indicated that he has no knowledge of the small party or gathering described by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford nor does he have any knowledge of the allegations of improper conduct she has leveled against Brett Kavanaugh".

Democrats expressed concern about any curtailment of the probe, which comes after the Judiciary Committee approved Mr Kavanaugh's nomination along party lines on Friday before the matter goes to the full Senate for a final vote. Kavanaugh has denied Ramirez's allegation.

Some Democratic lawmakers claimed the White House was keeping investigators from interviewing certain witnesses.

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"The compromise that Chris and I struck on Friday is one that I take seriously, and we did it because fairness required us to do it", Flake said.

"However. if he lied about his past actions on national television, and more especially while speaking under oath in front of the United States Senate, I believe those lies should have consequences", he said in the statement.

Senator Jeff Flake, backed by fellow moderate Republicans Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski, asked for the FBI investigation.

"The other problem is that for the people who are real victims of these things, when it is so obviously political in cases like this, it really diminishes the real claims", Trump Jr. said.

Chad Ludington, a Yale classmate of Kavanaugh, said in a media statement the judge was not truthful during his Senate testimony last week about his drinking and that Kavanaugh was "a frequent drinker and a heavy drinker" at Yale who often got belligerent and aggressive when drunk. "He was number one in his class at Yale, he was number one in his law school at Yale, and then what he's gone through over the last three weeks is incredible", he said.

The first woman to come forward with allegations against Mr Kavanaugh was psychology professor Christine Blasey Ford.

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As Kavanaugh and the Trump administration hopes confirmation will come this week, the Supreme Court began its new term Monday.

Alaska's governor and lieutenant governor, both independents, oppose Kavanaugh's confirmation, which could give her added cover as well.

Ms Sanders said Mr Trump, who has vigorously defended Kavanaugh but also raised the slight possibility of withdrawing the nomination should damaging information be found, "will listen to the facts" of the FBI investigation. Mitchell also noted that Ford did not identify Kavanaugh by name as her attacker in key pieces of evidence, including notes from sessions with her therapist - records that Ford's lawyers declined to provide to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Another is an unnamed Yale classmate who wanted to corroborate Deborah Ramirez's accusation that Kavanaugh had exposed himself to her at a college party.

Republicans have 51 seats in the closely divided 100-member Senate and could afford to lose one vote, but not two or more on confirmation. Kavanaugh has called her accusations a "joke".

"FBI's hands must not be tied in this investigation".

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