As a teen, Kavanaugh was never a legal drinker in Maryland

Kavanaugh Apologizes for Turning Sen. Klobuchar’s Question About His Drinking Back on Her

Kavanaugh Apologizes for Turning Sen. Klobuchar’s Question About His Drinking Back on Her

In other words, it was illegal for Kavanaugh to drink as a freshman and the first semester or so of his sophomore year, a period when he, like most of his peers, nevertheless drank.

Kavanaugh later apologized for his question, but the exchange stood out Thursday in testimony from Kavanaugh and his accuser, Christine Blasey Ford.

A New Yorker report published Sunday detailed an allegation that Kavanaugh exposed himself to Deborah Ramirez, a Yale student, at a dorm-room party as onlookers watched during the 1983-84 school year.

"For me, it is not that people don't drink in high school, it's, is he telling the truth?" she said. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), after a break in the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing Thursday, for asking her earlier if she'd ever blacked out, during her time to question him.

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At one point, Kavanaugh asked a Senator if they like drinking beer too. In last year's Monitoring the Future Study, 56 percent of high school seniors reported drinking, down from 87 percent when Kavanaugh was in his last year at Georgetown Prep. "The drinking age as I noted was 18, so the seniors were legal". I liked beer. I still like beer...

Klobuchar responded: "I appreciate that".

Later in the hearing, Kavanaugh apologized, but it was a back-and-forth that seemed to encapsulate the nasty tone of the hearing and clips of the judge's remarks quickly went viral on social media.

"There is a bright line between drinking beer, which I gladly do, and which I fully embrace, and sexually assaulting someone, which is a violent crime". If everyone in high school who drank beer in this country was accused of sexual assault, Kavanaugh said, the country would be in a dark place. But in any event, we drank beer, and - and still do.

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I was born the same year as Kavanaugh (1965), and I had a somewhat similar experience at Cornell. "I don't know, have you?" The drinking age in NY initially was 19, but it rose to 21 as of December 1985. Do you like beer, senator, or not?

She directly asked him if he ever "drank so much that you can't remember what happened or part of what happened the night before".

Whatever did or did not happen between Kavanaugh and Ford, this much we know: As a teenager and young man, Kavanaugh drank illegally, and sometimes he drank too much. "In your written testimony, you said sometimes you had too many drinks".

"I, no, I remember what happened", Kavanaugh replied.

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President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee said a number of times that he had never drank to the point of memory loss.

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