The Best New Features To Try In Chrome's Latest Update

All about Chrome 69's design and new features

All about Chrome 69's design and new features

Today, for Chrome's 10th birthday, Google's given its prized web browser a ton of new features, starting with a redesign aimed at speedier browsing.

In line with Google's Material Design 2 principles, the redesigned Chrome gets "more rounded shapes, new icons, and a new color palette". On iOS, the toolbar was moved to the bottom which can be achieved on Android with the Chrome Duet flag. Chrome is bringing a more improved password management system wherein it will create a new password for you, when it's required, and save it in its memory, for you to be worry-free and secure. This new password manager can "more accurately fill in your passwords, addresses, and credit card numbers, so that you can breeze through online checkout forms". However, new to Chrome 69, when you're logging into a website for the first time Chrome will recommend a secure password for you.

If you ever use the Google Search bar on your phone, this next snippet will look very familiar. The address bar itself is fundamentally changing, with some results now being displayed within the result preview inside the bar, so if you're searching for something like a sports score you're likely to see the answers straight away without having to load a web page. For example, if you're a person who loves to have lots of tabs open, you can still do that, but the icons for websites are more clearly visible when you have an vast amount of tabs open. Google is also planning on adding the ability to search for files stored in Google Drive to the Omnibox. There's a new tab page with more customisation options, and a horizontal tab switcher as well.

To play the game, either turn off your WiFi and open a new tab, or enter chrome://dino/ In your search bar.

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Google says the design change is aimed at making website icons easier to see which should help simplify things when navigating across lots of tabs.

You can download Chrome here and below we have outlined some of the major changes in this release.

It is possible, currently, to restore the old user interface in Chrome.

Tip: To see what passwords Chrome has saved, simple point your browser to Lastly, the Chrome team suggests that the browser will show smarter search results in the future.

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Security is another major thrust of Chrome 69.

The image below shows how text renders inside Firefox 62 (on the left), compared to Chrome 69 (on the right), on a Windows 10 machine.

Circling back around to the New Tab Page, Chrome will now let you customize it by adding your own shortcuts and even adding your own wallpaper. With this release, Google is using the Material Design framework across the desktop, iOS, and Android versions of Chrome.

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