Donald Trump: 'Pray for Brett Kavanaugh and His Family!'

Sanders says the White House 'would be open to' having Deborah Ramirez testify

Sanders says the White House 'would be open to' having Deborah Ramirez testify

Republicans on Capitol Hill also questioning Ramirez's story - even as many of them are being careful NOT to attack Kavanaugh's first accuser - Christine Blabby Ford, who is due to testify. along with Kavanaugh. before a Senate panel on Thursday. He declined to provide the attorney's name. He said to "take a look at the lawyers" who "are the same lawyers who have been fighting for years" and anxious that no one will want to go before "this system" to be a judge or politician in the current environment. Asked whether he thought Ford's claims were also fabricated, Hatch said, "I think she's honest, at least I hope so".

Republicans made a decision to hire a female attorney because of the risk that the panel's 11 Republican men - there are no GOP women on the committee - might say something insensitive to Ford.

Kavanaugh's nomination is becoming a voting issue in November's midterm elections.

Graham said Ford's account, which lacks some details such as the location of the house party and the exact date of the incident, would be hard to weigh. Thomas denied the accusations, and was ultimately confirmed to the high court. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) sat on the allegations for more than a month, then redacted part of the documentation - in such a way that, Gavin said, seemed created to help her cause politically.

The similar wording and arguments that Republicans used suggested a concerted effort to undermine the women's claims and portray an image of unity among GOP senators while pressing toward a confirmation vote.

Senate Judiciary Committee Schedules Brett Kavanaugh Vote For Friday
In a break from convention, Mitchell will question Ford and Kavanaugh on behalf of the committee's Republican senators, 11 men. Ms Ramirez accused the judge of exposing himself to her at a dormitory party at Yale University in the 1983-84 academic year.

Senators will hear both sides at Thursday's hearing, keenly aware of the impact it could have on voters, particularly women, against a backdrop of the #MeToo movement fighting sexual harassment and assault. John Cornyn, the second-ranking Republican.

Treatment of Ford, 51, on Thursday will be watched closely. A split-second facial expression, a tear or a choice of words by either witness could prove decisive.

Sen. Susan Collins of ME, one of the undecided Republicans, said she will be "glued to the television" during the hearing.

Despite the forceful rhetoric by Kavanaugh and his GOP supporters, it remained unclear how three moderate Republicans _ Sens.

"No, I know Brett".

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A day after Kavanaugh proclaimed his innocence and President Trump bashed a second accuser, Debbie Ramirez, Senate leaders were setting a course for a quick vote. Kavanaugh's Yale classmate Deborah Ramirez told the New Yorker on Sunday that he had pushed his penis in her face and forced her to touch it during another drunken party. "The second accuser doesn't even know". "And she doesn't know it was him, but it might have been him".

"The demand that they keep making to us is, 'Give us every piece of information that you have now and then we can talk about scheduling a phone call, '" Clune said.

He said Ford has not filed a complaint with local authorities in Maryland - where the FBI would start an investigation.

She said Trump's remarks were "disgusting, it's disgraceful and by the way, women are paying attention". "Republicans need to stop trying to just rush this through". He has denied all allegations.

In an interview with Fox News aired on Monday night, Kavanaugh said he "never sexually assaulted anyone", had "always treated women with dignity and respect" and "did not have sexual intercourse or anything close to sexual intercourse in high school or for many years thereafter". But Cornyn said he thought Kavanaugh "did well and did what he needed to do" in the interview. But #MeToo has also been about believing survivors, and the treatment of Kavanaugh's accusers raises questions about whether that part of the mission remains largely unfulfilled.

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