The Senate voted to restore net neutrality: Here's what that means

A recent poll showed Americans were more reluctant to share personal information than when the poll last asked the question four years ago

A recent poll showed Americans were more reluctant to share personal information than when the poll last asked the question four years ago

By 52 to 47, the Senate passed a Congressional Review Act (CRA) to undo the FCC's vote to deregulate broadband internet. Representative Mike Doyle (D-PA) announced in a statement and at a press conference following the Senate vote that he will begin the process first thing tomorrow morning.

Three Republican Senators voted with all 49 Democrats in the chamber to pass a measure TODAY (5/16) to repeal the FCC's new rules that dismantled net neutrality.

In December, the FCC repealed the net neutrality rules.

Critics of the FCC rollback say they're anxious about consumers being forced to pay more for less consistent or slower service.

Net neutrality requires internet service providers (ISPs) like Comcast, AT&T, and Verizon to give their users equal access to all internet content. Upending these rules means that, for a fee, ISPs can prioritize certain websites, allowing them to load more quickly on their users' devices, and slow down or even block other sites. This stunning, consumer-harming retort to the FCC's decision was not about Net Neutrality but about common carrier regulation under Title II.

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The resolution faces an uphill struggle in the Republican majority House and it would also need a signature from President Trump, who supports the repeal.

But that would happen only if it passes the House and is signed by President Trump, which appears unlikely.

Like this story? Share it with a friend! They and their colleagues within the Home of Representatives have till June 12 to move the repeal of the FCC's December choice to roll again landmark Obama-era guidelines that forestall web service suppliers from slowing down or blocking entry to sure elements of the web.

Diminished investment was not the result of Net Neutrality, per se. But they wanted to also ensure that regulatory efforts didn't get in the way of innovation and quickly evolving internet services.

But many politicians are convinced the issue will help motivate younger people to vote in the 2018 congressional elections and numerous polls show overwhelming public support for retaining the Obama-era net neutrality rules.

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"This issue presents a stark contrast: Are you on the side of the large internet and cable companies, or are you on the side of the average American family", Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer said. Susan Collins (Maine), Lisa Murkowski (Alaska), and John Kennedy (La.).

"I don't think we can expect that our experience of the internet will be radically different the next day", she said. Chairman Wheeler's Net Neutrality is, in a nutshell, zero-price wholesale rate regulation without due process. FCC Chairman Ajit Pai led the charge against the net neutrality regulations, calling them an example of government overreach that discouraged internet providers from investing in upgrades to their networks. "The American people have spoken".

In the meantime, more than 20 states have filed lawsuits to save the standard and in places like New Jersey, Washington and California, state legislators have proposed legislation establishing net neutrality rules within their respective state borders.

Pai's opponents have said the rules are a necessary consumer protection as the internet has become more vital to supporting the economic livelihoods of everyday Americans.

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