Google's Virtual Assistant Mimics Human Voice To Book Appointments

Sundar Pichai

Sundar Pichai

Rather than Male and Female voices, there are 6 different voices you can add. Now instead of having to say "Hey Google" or "OK Google" every time to give a command, users only have to do this one time and then have a conversation with the Assistant. Up until now, creating a new voice took hundreds of hours in a recording studio.

These new voices are powered by WaveNet, an AI-based voice synthesizer created by DeepMind, a subsidiary of Google UK.

Indian refiners in no rush to seek alternatives to Iranian oil
Oil prices are stable because of market stability, he said, because OPEC's goal "is not prices but market stability and lowering storage levels".

In case there are some of you guys out there feel that Google Assistant is lacking in terms of voice options, you might have heard that at Google I/O 2018, the company announced that their digital assistant will be getting six new voices. Well, Google is unveiling technology that can save you the hassle. Google calls this feature "continued conversation" and it'll roll out in the coming week.

These phones calls happen for you, behind the scenes, thanks to the power of Google Duplex, and the Google Assistant. But the first-mover advantage doesn't last all that long in tech, and Google has been pouring its considerable artificial intelligence resources into the Google Assistant ever since then. With the March launch of Routines, Google also removed My Day after directly integrating it. You can ask Google two completely separate questions (for example "What is the weather and who do the Cavaliers play tonight?"), you'll get back two distinct answers. Alexa can also vary the intonation and speaking volume more than Google. When a kid asks the Google Home or Assistant something, using words like please and thank you will be understood, appreciated, and rewarded. You just need to surf through menus and order from different places like Applebee's and Starbucks.

Google to now show who is behind U.S. political ads
This week, we're rolling out new policies for USA election ads across our platforms as we work to meet those commitments. Google's new verifications, however, will be focused on ads about candidates and not on political and social messages.

This summer you'll be able to enable "pretty please" on any Google Home or third-party smart speaker. "Passion gets you a lot further", Legend said.

Now, seven new device types are being added to the native controls in Assistant. Pichai also showcased a revamped Gmail and announced another new feature called "Smart Compose", which will help users write emails using machine learning technology. This includes things like connected blinds, kettles, ovens, refrigerators, fans, air purifiers, coffee makers, and sprinklers.

Manchester United seeking to trade Anthony Martial for Chelsea's Willian
Manchester United are prepared to sell Anthony Martial to Chelsea , but only if the Blues send Willian in the opposite direction. It was Albion's first win against the Red Devils since 1982, which made unwanted history for Mourinho's side.

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