Uber is adding safety features it resisted for years

Uber CEO responds to proposed ridesharing tax hike in DC

Uber CEO responds to proposed ridesharing tax hike in DC

The two companies have been working in the city for about a year and now the citizens can rent a auto for a few hours or the whole day via Uber's app. This new service opens even more doors for your transportation needs; literally. Arizona had been a key hub for Uber's autonomous project, with about half the company's 200 self-driving cars and a staff of hundreds.

The crash has raised questions about the lack of clear safety standards for such vehicles but, speaking at a transport forum, Khosrowshahi said Uber was still betting on the technology in the long term. Uber said Wednesday that it will make vehicle rentals available from its app later this month in San Francisco through a partnership with car-sharing startup Getaround.

Khosrowshahi took the helm at Uber in August after co-founder Travis Kalanick was forced out over a series of scandals and missteps, as well as allegations of unethical competition and a toxic work environment.

But in heralding the company's partnership with the city, Khosrowshahi also used the opportunity to subtly criticise Bowser's proposal to tax ride-hail companies, including Uber, to raise money for the city's share of the Metro funding package.

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Uber's announcement spree started earlier this week with the acquisition of Jump Bikes, a bikeshare company specializing in electric bicycles.

All app-based cab services like Uber have specially-trained incident response teams that are available around the clock in order to handle any urgent concerns which may arise.

The Seattle city council is now considering raising the base fare for Uber and Lyft rides, as a way to boost driver pay. "Since then we have moved quickly to do just that by taking responsibility for what happened", Uber's chief legal officer Tony West tole El Reg in a statement.

We're investing hundreds of millions of dollars a year in our Express Pool product, and what we're finding is that there are these societal norms that we have to battle.

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The features include a Safety Center for the app, a dedicated section where people can set up features like trusted contacts and 911 assistance.

Uber's new ticketing option will be powered by Masabi's Justride SDK, the first and only mobile ticketing SDK for public transit.

Masabi has partnerships with transit systems in Boston, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and NY, as well as train and transit operators in Europe.

You may also be interested in. Once an agreement is reached with a transit agency, Uber users will be able to book and display public transit tickets within the application to enable seamless multimodal journeys. This integration shares trips, locations and other information to 911.

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