SpaceX launches 10 satellites into orbit on Falcon 9 rocket

321 Launch App Brings Live Rocket Experience to Mobile Devices

321 Launch App Brings Live Rocket Experience to Mobile Devices

Friday's mission is the fifth set of 10 satellites being launched for the project.

Elon Musk rocket company live streamed part of the launch from Vandenberg Air Force Base.

At the same time, commercial communication to Iridium clients on the ground was made successful as the 10 satellites were deployed to the Low-Earth orbit as planned.

In fact, the booster that launched today's Iridium-5 mission also launched 10 other Iridium Next satellites on October 9 during SpaceX's Iridium-3 mission.

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SpaceX announced before the launch it would "not attempt to recover" the Falcon 9's first stage, as it did with the Iridium-3 mission the booster previously flew.

That rocket is scheduled to lift off Monday afternoon from Cape Canaveral, Florida.

Friday's planned launch was the first of two planned by SpaceX in the next four days.

"We're working with NOAA to address these restrictions in order to hopefully be able to bring you live views from orbit in the future", the SpaceX engineer said.

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On this occasion, the launch did not include an attempt at recovery of the first stage booster; however, the flight-proven rocket was reused.

SpaceX was chosen to launch a constellation of 75 satellites in eight missions. Since the older satellites had overperformed excessively, Iridium chose to invest a fortune of $3 billion to upgrade its services and increase subscribers base and to offer seamless and uninterrupted data, voice, and other services unlike others falling to meet the needs of the customers.

Mr. Steven, a boat deployed by SpaceX to snag falling parts with a giant seaborne net, failed to retrieve the $6 million nose cone, a method Musk has been trying to ideal with previous launches as well.

Elon Musk, SpaceX's founder and chief executive, said via Twitter that the air wake from the fairing's descent interfered with the steering on an attached parafoil.

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It is understood that the NOAA recently asserted that cameras on the second stage of the Falcon 9 are a "remote sensing space system", this means that a provisional license would be needed for Space X to continue a live video feed from the equipment. Three more launches are planned this year to help complete Iridium's global satellite constellation. The cords on the GPS-guided parafoil got twisted, causing the fairing to hit the water at a high speed instead of landing more gently in the boat's catcher's net.

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