Google Doodle Celebrates 153rd Birth Anniversary Of Anandi Joshi

Her husband renamed her Anandi after marraige

Her husband renamed her Anandi after marraige

Originally named "Yamuna", Anandi was born on this day in 1865 in Kalyan town in today's Thane district, around 50 kms north of Mumbai.

According to her bio, Joshi came back to India in 1886 with a doctor's degree at the inspiring young age of just 19 years.

Gopalrao Joshi, Anandi's liberal husband stood by his wife's side and acted as her biggest inspiration and push. He also sent her to Calcutta to pursue further studies.

In Pennsylvania, Anandi completed her thesis on "Obstetrics among the Aryan Hindus". He taught her to read and write. Theodesia would also send her medicines from America while Anandi was suffering from ill health. She was only 19 at the time. He was a postal clerk in the same town where Yamuna (Anandi Gopal Joshi) used to live.

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Accordingly, she was advised to apply to the Women's Medical College of Pennsylvania (now known as Drexel University College of Medicine), the world's only second medical school exclusively for women launched in 1850. Anandi Gopal Joshi was fourteen when she first became a mother, but her baby died in ten days due to lack of medical care and facilities. On March 31 she was born.

Amidst the achievement, Anandibai's health significantly declined due to cold and unfamiliar weather and diet. Keeping with the practice of that time, Yamuna was married to a widower, nearly 20 years her senior, at the age of nine.

"Joshi's young life was tragically cut short when she died of tuberculosis before her 22nd birthday". But being a progressive thinker who supported education for women, Mr Joshi regarded learning English to be a more pragmatic choice.

Her graduation was acknowledged by none other than the Empress of India, Queen Victoria, who sent her a congratulation message.

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He encouraged Ms Joshi to pursue her interest in medicine.

She returned to India and was immediately put in charge of the Albert Edward Hospital in Kolhapur. Her death made headlines across India and the entire nation mourned her passing.

Her ashes now lie in the family cemetery in Poughkeepsie, New York.

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