Twitter Praises 'Roseanne' for Standing up for Her 'Fashionable' Grandson

Lecy Goranson in the

ABC Lecy Goranson in the"Roseanne reboot

That episode still resonates today.

"I'm shocked, because I know you were a very socially liberal person in general", he said while questioning her support of Trump. And it was awkward. The ABC comedy also featured storylines involving gay relationships and abortion ― all while portraying the realities of a working-class family in the Midwest. Thirty years later, on Tuesday night, ABC begins a new Season 10 starring the original cast and picking up where the original "Roseanne" series ended. Roseanne (Roseanne Barr) and Dan (John Goodman) are still heads of a working-class Midwest family, their daughters Darlene (Sara Gilbert) and Becky (Lecy Goranson) still bicker like children and Roseanne's sister Jackie (Laurie Metcalf) continues to have ideal comedic timing. They've even found a clever way to work in both of the actresses who played the other Conner daughter by giving one of them an entirely new role. "We all have the hope people will start talking to each other again".

Sarah Chalke on her 'Roseanne' return and not sharing the role of Becky anymore

"I thought you were dead!". "There wasn't anything hard or difficult about it at all", said star and executive producer Roseanne Barr. Stern asked. "And you were always thinking you would get fired from your own show?" And that's what drives her.

Roseanne's sister Jackie (multiple Emmy victor Laurie Metcalf) sports a "Nasty Woman" T-shirt and pink pussy hat of the type worn at women's marches against the Republican president's administration. For the reboot, Roseanne will be at odds with her sister Jackie, played by Laurie Metcalf, over President Donald Trump.

A Crazy Amount of People Watched the Roseanne Premiere
The ABC sitcom demolished the competition with an intimidating 5.1 demo rating , according to TV By the Numbers . TV at the moment, Roseanne presents a more varied take on Donald Trump's America.

BARR: (As Roseanne Conner) He talked about jobs, Jackie. She added that she's not an apologist for the president and doesn't agree with all he's said and done, including some "crazy" things. Are you f***ing kidding me?

Some are not looking forward to the new plot. 'Cause now things are worse. So what is the new Roseanne going to do with that?

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Goranson noted that although Trump is mentioned in the first episode, he's not a constant throughout the entire season.

The radio host also asked if the family "is divided politically" on the show. The idea that the show is getting at something important about the political Moment In Which We Find Ourselves has been central to its marketing. There's a lot of division.' How do we get past that division on a personal level? "And if we forget that, I think it's not good for us". But that's quite different from the daily conversations that take place (not just about MK-ULTRA, certainly) in memes and photos and quotes that may or may not be real. "You all went so f***ing far out you lost everybody", she said. Barr said she obliged. I think he's gonna grow up and be a fashion designer. I would just encourage anyone who, when they hear 'Roseanne, Trump supporter, ' that it's really not propaganda. "It's not what the show's about".

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