Oscars best-picture race, an unprecedented nail biter

Jimmy Kimmel Live

Jimmy Kimmel Live

This is the most competitive category out of all of them because you have "Get Out", "Lady Bird", and "Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri". "I'm proud of myself because I actually watched four foreign films this year" - JN. It's a cross section of the best Hollywood has to offer. I'm pulling for Jordan Peele (for best director) but I think it will be Guillermo del Toro. Here are my thoughts on this year's nine nominees. If nothing else, you can enjoy a delightful sense of schadenfreude when you realise I've got them all spectacularly wrong. However, neither film breaks any new ground in cinema, as they trod upon well-explored cinematic territory in the biopic genre.

Toronto-based Nelson Ferreira, who's a contender for best sound editing with fellow Canadian Nathan Robitaille, recalls a surreal moment at the Oscars luncheon when he asked to take a photo with "The Shape of Water" co-star Richard Jenkins. It's presented in such a way that you are whisked away to late '80s Italy and embraced by all the emotions that surround it. And I just feel that it's all overblown.

Another feature of this season: No one really knows who is going to win best picture. The second most-viewed Best Picture nominee is Dunkirk, which 15% of the public has seen.

"Dunkirk" ought to have been a coup for Mr. Nolan.

Think back to when Ang Lee's 2012 film Life of Pi - an adaptation of a supposedly unfilmable novel featuring the holy trinity of director's nightmares: water, kids and animals - got him a statuette while best picture went to Ben Affleck's Argo, one part Middle East-set worldwide thriller and one part salute to showbiz and the oddballs who make it go.

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2017 - "Moonlight" becomes the first film with an all-black cast to win best picture, but in a backstage envelope mixup victory is first handed to musical "La La Land".

I love this movie. It's an insane film, exactly what I would expect from one of the masterminds behind one of my favorite sketch comedy shows, "Key and Peele".

As for how Get Out still managed to earn nods for Best Director, Best Actor, Best Original Screenplay and Best Picture without all of the voters seeing it, one voter suggested that it's due to the younger class of Academy members who have recently joined. "And I hope she wins more in her career" -TT.

The biggest category of all gives me a bit of a tussle between head and heart. Coming of age in Sacramento with a girl who named herself Lady Bird? A deserved nomination and a potential victor here for both Gerwig and Ronan, and maybe even the top prize of the evening (considering it won the Golden Globe for best comedy film).

They are sent to all 25 Oscar nominees in the acting and directing categories in the week leading up to the big night and, yes, celebrities are taxed on the fair market value of what they use or redeem. It's definitely towards the top of my top 10 from past year; however I think that this film is a little too out-there for Academy voters.

Altogether, the "Everyone Wins" gift bags are valued at over "six-figures" although Distinctive Assets declined to say exactly how much (however, the trip for two to Tanzania is worth $40,000 alone, the company said). Unfortunately, I can not see even Day-Lewis winning this year unless by some upset.

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Best Director: Guillermo del Toro of The Shape of Water is a clear victor of the category.

Again, I fear that Peele, Christopher Nolan and Paul Thomas Anderson will all miss out here, despite the brilliance of Get Out, Dunkirk and Phantom Thread.

Best Actress: Like Oldman, numerous Hollywood film experts are sure that Outside Ebbing, Missouri, will win the Best Actress Award this year.

But a new frontrunner for Oscar Gold may be emerging: Martin McDonagh's "Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri" has taken home the Best Picture prizes at the prestigious Golden Globes and the British Academy of Film and Television Awards, which could make it the strongest dark horse running in this neck-and-neck race. It has a very good chance of winning Best Picture this year.

Miscellaneous: We didn't pick the category but KM and PM favor Faces Places for this year's best documentary Oscar. If this were the basis for criteria on which the awards this year were picked, I would not be at all surprised if it won.

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