Fortnite Battle Royale iOS Invite Event Signups Are Live

The massively popular free-to-play video game 'Fortnite' is coming to iOS and Android devices

The massively popular free-to-play video game 'Fortnite' is coming to iOS and Android devices

Are you obsessed with Fortnite Battle Royale?

Are you way too excited about the concept of taking Fortnite: Battle Royale with you wherever you go?

Taking to Twitter to voice their frustration, one user told Phil that gamers would love some sort of cross-play system between both consoles. Instead of simple hiding and killing other players, you can collect materials like wood or different scrub to build your fortress anywhere in the battlefield.

What is Fortnite Battle Royale?

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From 12th March 2018, players can sign up for an invite event on iOS. Once you're involved, you can drop into the 100-man brawl as you like, whenever you like, wherever you like.

Xbox has just inclined toward cross-play completely. The approaching Fortnite Mobile will be cross-stage between iOS, Android, PC, Mac and Xbox One, and furthermore between iOS, Android, PC, Mac, and PS4.

It features real footage of the gameplay and offers a closer look at the characters, weaponry and tactics that players can employ.

What Time Does Fortnite Mobile Come Out?

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Fans are eager to find out as much as possible about the new iOS launch, before invites start being sent out in big streams.

Do not forget to register on this link and hopefully get Fortnite BR on your mobile before everyone else. According to this Epic Games forum post, you'll have to be friends with your cross-platform buds on your Epic Games account.

Not every player will get to play immediately, with the potential wait lasting for several weeks or months. If you are interested in checking out Fortnite on your iOS hardware, then you apply for the signups on the official Epic Games website. Not everyone will be getting invited to play straight away as the Fortnite team plans to gradually invite more players over the next few months.

The game first became popular due to its price; while many new games in the industry cost upwards of $50, "Fortnite" was released for free on gaming consoles as well as on PC.

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