Finally, Trump sends top diplomat to Kenya

Nigeria’s 2019 elections our major priority says US

Nigeria’s 2019 elections our major priority says US

Amid the political crisis going on in Ethiopia and Kenya, the Secretary of State's visit to both countries will reveal what intervention measures the USA plans to take on both countries.

It falls to Tillerson to mend the damage as he travels to the continent on Tuesday (March 6), becoming the most senior US official to set foot there since Trump took office more than a year ago.

Nigeria will benefit from about 533 million dollars to be released by the United States (U.S.) to some African countries humanitarian assistance.

Speaking on "U.S. -Africa Relations: A New Framework", Tillerson said over the past century, as African nations emerged from their colonial past, there had been a dramatic increase in America's engagement with Africa.

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Tillerson also lauded the progress Africa, as a continent, has made with democracy.

More than $110 million is for affected populations in Somalia and over $128 million for millions in Nigeria and the Lake Chad region.

In a speech Tuesday outlining the Trump administration's Africa policy, Tillerson said the United States is "eager" to lower barriers to trade and investment in Africa, whose largest trading partner by far is China.

Secretary Tillerson would meet with officials in Kenya, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Chad and Djibouti to strengthen U.S. -Africa ties, they said.

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Tillerson spoke about China's investment in the continent at a lecture at George Mason University on Tuesday.

In Djibouti, China's development of its first overseas military base just a few miles away has been cause for concern for the USA, illustrating the military side of a broader competition between the US and China playing out across the continent. But he said the Chinese approach has led to mounting debt and few if any jobs in most countries.

In Ethiopia, for example, total US investment of around $567 million, is dwarfed by Chinese investments, which are more than $15 billion, according to the State Department.

His announcement of more humanitarian assistance for several countries threatened by starvation will be welcomed, but Tillerson works for a president who has repeatedly spoken of reducing America's burdens overseas. However, experts highlighted that the visit had no other motivation than to study ways for the United States to be bale to economically benefit even more from Africa, because the grounds of the U.S. foreign policy give priority to capital over any other aspect.

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