150 short-finned pilot whales died in mass Australia beaching

At least 135 whales have died at Hamelin Bay and the 15 surviving animals are being monitored by wildlife experts

At least 135 whales have died at Hamelin Bay and the 15 surviving animals are being monitored by wildlife experts

A pod of pilot whales have stranded on a remote beach on Australia's southwest coast, with nearly all of the estimated 150 mammals dying.

The short-finned pilot whales measure between four and 5.5 metres in length and inhabit tropical and subtropical waters in groups of around 100 members, often becoming stranded en masse on beaches due to moving in large groups.

Just seven whales remained alive less than 12 hours after the mammals were spotted at Hamelin Bay on the state's southwest coast on Friday morning by a commercial fisherman.

As of Friday afternoon, only 15 whales were alive, and a rescue operation was under way to try to herd them back to sea. Authorities say palliative care will be administered where necessary.

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Parks and Wildlife Service officers were working to remove the carcasses, taking DNA samples to collect clues about why whales strand.

"Once we have moved the whales out we will monitor the situation closely as it is possible the whales will come back into shore and re-strand".

Chick said moving the surviving whales was hard logistically due to the rocky beach terrain, the location of dead whales surrounding the live whales and rough seas.

Volunteers said that some of the whales, once back in the water, turned around and became beached again.

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The largest stranding incident happened in 1918 on the shore of Chatham Island, almost 1000 pilot whales stranded.

Unfortunately, more than 70% of the whales had died by the morning. Tests are now being carried out on the remains of the dead animals to find out why the animals became beached.

Experts believe standings can occur when whales are sick or injured or make navigational errors along slopping beaches, according to the BBC.

Other mass-stranding events involving this species happened during times of high human-made noise in their environment, such as one incident around Taiwan in 2004 that coincided with a large-scale military exercise.

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