Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Falls Short of Sales Targets; Loot Boxes Blamed

Star Wars Battlefront 2 On Track To Sell Less Copies Than Battlefront 2015

Star Wars Battlefront 2 On Track To Sell Less Copies Than Battlefront 2015

The teams are working on finding out how this will fit in the context of the Star Wars Battlefront universe, and EA expects to have more to share on this front "in the coming months".

Last week we learned that DICE would finally be revamping Star Wars Battlefront II's progression system in the wake of last year's massive loot box controversy.

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Creutz said the better results came from more money spent per player in EA's sport games such as Federation Internationale de Football Association and Madden. A lack of a single-player campaign was a major criticism of the first game that EA attempted to rectify with its sequel, though much of these attempts were overshadowed by its microtransactions.

Electronic Arts' shareholders are relieved after strong in-game purchasing results from its sports game titles offset disappointing "Star Wars Battlefront II" sales. Jorgensen said EA has not decided when or if it will release another Battlefront game. The action game that Jorgensen is referring to is Respawn Entertainment's Star Wars game.

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Star Wars Battlefront 2 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. "This change is not expected to have a material impact on EA's fiscal year 2018 financial guidance".

The company's stock surged 7 percent Wednesday, a day after the report as Wall Street analysts focused in on the strength of EA's microtransaction business in its sports games. This is not a bad number, although EA was hoping the game would sell more than its predecessor. The team is now working diligently on extra content and live services, and the publisher pledges to continue to support the community of the game "for a long time to come".

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Anyway, Star Wars Battlefront 2 is still a fun game if you manage to play it. Digital sales keep growing compared to retail (37% - 63%), Jorgensen added. The company will want to figure out how to get people back onside after many fans felt disappointed and even hurt by the microtransactions and loot boxes included in Battlefront 2.

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