Bungie Gives Destiny 2 Development Update Regarding Eververse, XP Rates and More

Bungie Doubles Down on its Plans to Fix What's Wrong with Destiny 2

Bungie Doubles Down on its Plans to Fix What's Wrong with Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Game Director Cristopher Barrett has finally got a plan regarding future updates. They will now feature mods with Raid-specific perks, and Bungie are adjusting the rewards to ensure a Raid item drops from each major encounter. Additionally, the Raid vendor will now sell Leviathan and Eater of Worlds armor and weapons. There will also be a new Ghost with raid-specific perks, which has a chance to drop from both raid bosses.

Just like Masterwork Weapons which offer added bonuses like increased stability or range, the developer will introduce Masterwork Armor with the January 30, 2018 update. Highlights of those tweaks include: "Shifting the balance of new content in favour of activity rewards over Bright Engrams", providing: "A gameplay path to earn Bright Engrams and all contained rewards (including Event Engrams),"and giving: "Players more direct purchase options, and making adjustments to Bright Engrams to allow players to get the items they want more often".

It looks like the team has responded fully, short of removing Eververse together, and the upcoming Crimson Days event will be the flawless chance to see if they have followed through.

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The studio plans to add far more useful rewards to Destiny 2's endgame activities.

In February, players will see a Strike scoring system and revamp the Mods system to make gear enhancements more valuable and less repetitive. Now, let's just wait and see how this plays out. New emblems will reflect your Nightfall High Scores and unlock rewards. From there, he lists a ton of changes and updates on where the game is going for the rest of 2018, beginning with the more controversial topics like Eververse and XP rates. Bungie warn the scope of the rework "could push parts or all of it out to early spring". The devs will be evaluating how Mods play into the Bright Engram economy as a result, as they are "sensitive to pay-to-win outcomes".

In the longer term, Bungie are incorporating feedback from Curse of Osiris to the second DLC, and making many big changes to the Crucible for season three. Those include new ranking features in Crucible, the game's competitive multiplayer mode, private matches and a 6-versus-6 playlist (an increase from the current 4v4 limit in competitive games). There will also be unique cosmetic customization items that can be earned through completing high-level content.

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We have witnessed quite some problems regarding XP, Balance PVE and PVP encounters in the past year, which has made no room for the community except to raise their voice on Reddit.

Our take: it's all very positive.

"At the end of a year ago, I made a promise that I would update you on our plans for Destiny 2", "The team has been hard at work and we're ready to share where we are headed".

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The game developers admitted that Tess and the Eververse shop was a bit unbalanced and it was unfair to other players. "Please keep in mind that the further out we make promises, the more they are subject to change".

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